Ambre Lumiere  l  Petite Jar

Ambre Lumiere l Petite Jar

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Arouse the senses and soothe the soul with VOLUSPA's Ambre Lumiere. This timeless candle instils a sense of calm, welcome and wellbeing. Reflect warmth in home and in spirit with this mystical, meditative blend - based on ancient amber incense, precious ceremonial burning wood, ground spices, pods and resins.  A surprising hint of decor for any space, the Petite Jar Candle is eye-catching with its noir glass expertly embossed in VOLUSPA's signature Maison Collection pattern. A metallic decorative lid can be used to extinguish the flame or keep the candle dust-free when not in use. This candle makes the perfect travel companion or thoughtful gift. Hand poured in the USA. 127g Notes: amber incense, wood, vanilla, spices, resins Burn Time ~ 40 hours Proprietary coconut wax blend + 100% natural wick Not tested on animals Phthalates, parabens, sulphate-free Measures 7cm x 7cm Officially imported and distributed by Saison