Ridley's Double Six Dominoes

Ridley's Double Six Dominoes

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Back in retro times, things were pretty peachy – mainly due to the sense of community and sharing that was around. These days, we have smart gadgets and doovy-whatsits that do all sorts of great things, but they can be a little anti-social.

And that’s why retro toys are so much fun – they get everyone involved, helping you to bond, learn from each other and that doubles… nay, triples, the fun! Golly gee!

A classic game like dominoes must be played in style, which is why Ridley’s put their own modern twist on traditional white dominoes, and made these ones bright orange! Made from durable plastic, these Double Six Dominoes include 28 vibrant dominoes to form the ‘boneyard’. You can challenge one of your friends, or even up to three people, and see who reigns supreme in this classic game if logic and strategy.

Games Room Double Six Dominoes features:

  • Designed in the UK.
  • Suitable for two to four players.
  • Dominoes made from durable plastic.
  • Contains 28 dominoes to play double six dominoes.
  • Includes instructions to get you started.
  • Presented in a Ridley’s Games Room box.